Sunday, December 27, 2009

Super Fun Halloween Event/Caffeine-fueled Spiel

Hey Everyone!
As my first post I thought I'd go ahead and talk about something that happened earlier in the year. Every year around Halloween the DFW Pug Rescue Group hosts an event called Pug-o-ween. This is a very fun event where all dogs are welcome (It's not just for pugs as it's title may suggest). There is a costume contest and silent auction of pug related items.

The proceeds go to the pug rescue and help abandoned dogs get veterinary treatment and new loving homes. Also it's a lot of fun. This year there was 200 plus pugs in costume! Not to mention all the other dogs present. This event would be enjoyable for any animal lover! I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do :D

Now as far as my rant goes, I just want to go ahead and clarify that all of the adorable pugs in the pictures above were all rescue dogs! Never buy dogs from a pet store, all of those dogs come from puppy-mills no matter what the pet shop owner says. No responsible breeders sell to pet stores. If you buy a dog from a pet store you are probably going to get an unhealthy and neurotic dog, and even worse you will be supporting puppy mills. Please rescue your dogs, there are tons of good dogs in shelters and rescue organizations, also if you really want to buy a dog, do your research and go to a responsible breeder. This way you can make sure you are getting a happy and healthy dog.
Ok that's enough of my rant. Here's a few more pictures from Pugoween just for funsies :)