Friday, January 1, 2010

Purse Revamp

Hello All!
I recently have been in a crafty mood, and with all the craft related blogs on the internet I finally got the drive and inspiration to do a project of my own!

I was cleaning out my closet, when I came across a purse that I had received as a present but never really used. I was suddenly struck with inspiration. I could revamp this purse into a cute and chic bag that I would use on many occasions. I took pictures to document the process and the best part of this project was it was completely free! I just used a lot of junk I had lying around to create this super cute accessory!

Here is the original bag. It's not an ugly bag but it was a little plain for my taste. Also the length of the shoulder strap was a little awkward.

First I cut off the dull shoulder strap.

Next I found some stuff to decorate my blank slate;

First I found some old buttons and other random trinkets I thought would work well for this bag.

Then I found some old Mardi Gras beads from a few years ago, lace, some ribbon and tool that I thought could be useful

And then last but not least I grabbed my sewing kit some beads and string and your ready to go!

First I would recommend laying out some stuff on the bag before sewing anything on. Play around with it a while and see what looks good. Eventually you can find something you like and pin everything down before you begin sewing.

Here was my final product. I'm very proud of how it turned out, and I've already worn it out a few times :)

Anyway, that was what I've been working on over my vacation.

Have a Happy New Year!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shabby Chic, My very favorite!!!!

As you may or may not have realized from my name, I am a huge fan of the Shabby Chic decor! When I first started doing research on interior design, I never had one set style in my mind, just lots of things thrown haphazardly together. Then one day I stumbled upon a book called "Shabby Chic" by Rachel Ashwell, and then everything changed.

I am in LOVE with this design style. Everything about it is wonderful! Not only is it a way to make your home beautiful but it's also a way of life, even a philosophy. Re-use the old, there is beauty in the worn. So it is appropriately called shabby chic. Another amazingly wonderful thing about Shabby Chic is how it makes you feel as if you are in a beautiful cottage on the french country side, full of luxury and relaxation. For all you know you could be in Jersey, but the interior will make you feel like a queen! Uh! It's just so amazing!

I'm not sure you understand how much I love this, to give you an idea of the extent of my obsession; I will never love a man as much as I love this Luxurious Decorating Style. I'm dead serious.

Anyway....Now that I've probably alienated anyone reading this, I think I'll give you some pictures that I feel really show what Shabby Chic is all about! (Courtesy of the inter-webs)

Isn't this room just so luxurious and beautiful! Can't you imagine sleeping until noon in that big soft bed?

How cute is this Breakfast nook?

So Awesome!!!!!

Anyway, there are a few pictures I thought would give you an idea. More to come at a later date!

Happy New Year a little Early!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fun Do-it-yourself projects!

Okay so I know I'm kinda piggy backing these Lady's hard work, but I just wanted to share her wonderful ideas! Make sure to check out her amazing blog, it's just chock full of great ideas like this! Anyway here's the link you should go check it out! :)

Super Fun Halloween Event/Caffeine-fueled Spiel

Hey Everyone!
As my first post I thought I'd go ahead and talk about something that happened earlier in the year. Every year around Halloween the DFW Pug Rescue Group hosts an event called Pug-o-ween. This is a very fun event where all dogs are welcome (It's not just for pugs as it's title may suggest). There is a costume contest and silent auction of pug related items.

The proceeds go to the pug rescue and help abandoned dogs get veterinary treatment and new loving homes. Also it's a lot of fun. This year there was 200 plus pugs in costume! Not to mention all the other dogs present. This event would be enjoyable for any animal lover! I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do :D

Now as far as my rant goes, I just want to go ahead and clarify that all of the adorable pugs in the pictures above were all rescue dogs! Never buy dogs from a pet store, all of those dogs come from puppy-mills no matter what the pet shop owner says. No responsible breeders sell to pet stores. If you buy a dog from a pet store you are probably going to get an unhealthy and neurotic dog, and even worse you will be supporting puppy mills. Please rescue your dogs, there are tons of good dogs in shelters and rescue organizations, also if you really want to buy a dog, do your research and go to a responsible breeder. This way you can make sure you are getting a happy and healthy dog.
Ok that's enough of my rant. Here's a few more pictures from Pugoween just for funsies :)