Friday, January 1, 2010

Purse Revamp

Hello All!
I recently have been in a crafty mood, and with all the craft related blogs on the internet I finally got the drive and inspiration to do a project of my own!

I was cleaning out my closet, when I came across a purse that I had received as a present but never really used. I was suddenly struck with inspiration. I could revamp this purse into a cute and chic bag that I would use on many occasions. I took pictures to document the process and the best part of this project was it was completely free! I just used a lot of junk I had lying around to create this super cute accessory!

Here is the original bag. It's not an ugly bag but it was a little plain for my taste. Also the length of the shoulder strap was a little awkward.

First I cut off the dull shoulder strap.

Next I found some stuff to decorate my blank slate;

First I found some old buttons and other random trinkets I thought would work well for this bag.

Then I found some old Mardi Gras beads from a few years ago, lace, some ribbon and tool that I thought could be useful

And then last but not least I grabbed my sewing kit some beads and string and your ready to go!

First I would recommend laying out some stuff on the bag before sewing anything on. Play around with it a while and see what looks good. Eventually you can find something you like and pin everything down before you begin sewing.

Here was my final product. I'm very proud of how it turned out, and I've already worn it out a few times :)

Anyway, that was what I've been working on over my vacation.

Have a Happy New Year!!!!!